Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup solutions to protect confidential data and recovery measures to recoup from tech emergencies

These days, you need more than just a physical hard drive to protect your data from cybercriminals. Protecting your data requires comprehensive solutions, including an off-site backup to recover from any disaster and an on-site backup to recover quickly. Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solution serves as your insurance policy that guarantees secure and accessible data in case disaster strikes.

Here at SNAMP, we offer an all-inclusive backup and recovery solution to ensure that all confidential files saved on your local device is backed up at two guarded off-site data centers. Our specialists will monitor the security and status of each device nonstop. Our backup solution delivers dependable business continuity through our on- and off-site virtualization process. We also develop a tailored solution that lets you restore business operations in case a disaster strikes.

Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions include:

  • Virtual and physical servers
  • Enterprise-class databases and applications
  • Fail-proof business continuity plan
  • Encrypted backups
  • Disaster recovery protocol

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